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Organisations place great emphasis on training staff for the technical aspects of their employees’ roles but sometimes overlook the training needs of the leadership team. Are you developing your managers and supervisors to prepare them for the challenges of dealing with staff issues and improving performance?

How we can help

ABM HR Services can provide a range of tailored training interventions to support your business and developing your managers and supervisors. Generally delivered in half day trainer led sessions with hands-on exercises and case studies. The participants receive a workbook to make notes and to take back to the workplace for future reference.

Examples of our recent work.

  • Managing absence.

    Based on your company’s procedures, the session looks at how to monitor absence levels. What to do when an individual’s absence become an issue? How to conduct a return to work interview.

  • Performance management

    Supervisors and managers have a key role in improving employee performance. The session includes recognising good performance, dealing with poor performance through feedback, goal setting and monitoring and how to conduct employee one to ones.

  • Grievance and discipline.

    The grievance and discipline programme looks at the importance of a well conducted investigation and the difference between discipline and capability procedures. How to handle a disciplinary hearing and a grievance meeting all based on your company’s procedures.

  • Recruitment and selection

    This programme is aimed at providing recruiting managers and supervisors with the tools to successfully recruit a new team member it includes developing the person specification, preparing the advertisement, interviewing and selecting the right candidate. This programme is best delivered as a full day session.

Developing your managers and supervisors to respond effectively to staff issues and taking responsibility for improving employee performance will enhance your business performance. Please contact Alan Berck-May for a free, no obligation, discussion on your organisations training requirements.

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