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Case Studies

ABM HR Services Ltd has provided a range of HR support services to organisations in the following areas

I have problem with a member of my staff.

From time to time there are employees who are not meeting performance standards or who you have other issues with. A client had an employee who raised a number of complaints about her treatment prior to going off on long term sickness.

We met with the employee to ascertain the details of the complaints. We then conducted a thorough independent investigation to establish the facts and then worked with the clients grievance procedures to resolve the issue and to minimise risk of future claims.

Staying legal, decent and honest.

Employing people places legal responsibilities on you and your organisation or business. Do you have?

  • Contracts of Employment for your staff?
  • Checked that they can legally work in the UK?
  • Do they get the minimum annual holiday entitlement?

A client had grown through “piecemeal development” without any real HR support. It was aware that there were some gaps in their records and processes. We undertook a comprehensive HR audit that:-

  • reviewed all the clients documentation and systems,
  • identify potential compliance issues
  • worked with the organisation to devise solutions that fitted with the clients business and way of working.

We provided a full report detailing their current status and required actions.

Getting the right people and developing the required skills

Your business will be more effective and efficient with the right people in the right jobs, who clearly understand your requirements and adequately trained to give consistent good performance.

ABM HR Services Ltd has supported the recruitment of staff at all levels of organisations. Recent projects have included recruitment of workshop and clerical staff and senior managers for clients.

This involved working with the client to profile job roles and selection criteria then supporting them you through the whole recruitment and selection process.

Mergers and Acquisitions.

Companies through merging or acquisition are aware of the complex nature of the business transfer arrangements. Dealing with the employees in these situations needs to be handled carefully to ensure compliance with employment law and the TUPE regulations.

A client planned to merge their organisation with another similar business changing working arrangements to meet emerging client needs. We worked with the client to understand the needs of the new organisation. We

  • guided the client through collective and individual consultation requirements of the TUPE regulations.
  • developed new contracts of employment which covered existing terms and conditions as well as a new Company Handbook.

The merger was completed on time with all staff accepting the new working arrangements

What to do next

These are some examples of the ways that ABM HR Services can help you. Alan can work with you in a variety of ways.

  • A project by project approach that enables you to define a remit with a clear deliverable output and timescales.
  • conduct a HR health check, identify improvements and work with you to deliver agreed solutions.
  • provide an outsourced HR service becoming your own HR department either for a set numbers of days per week or month or just retained for advice.

Please contact us to explore ways we can support your business.

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